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PCCE - Biomedical Electronics class visits Philips Innovation Centre (PIC) and Citrix Systems, Bangalore

The final year Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering students with two faculties coordinators, Dr. Niyan Marchon and Ms Santhusthi  Betagiri visited the Philips Innovation Campus and the Citrix software at Bengaluru in March 2019. The Leader Clinical Innovation Management and Clinical Affairs addressed the students and introduced about PHILIPS. He explained about the functioning of this company. Philips has currently moved away from instrumentation and now is a service based company (only focuses on collaborations with various hospitals).The Bengaluru hub is the biggest campus outside Netherlands which is the company’s base. There are about 100 people employed in research and 3000 in software. He explained about what his role in the company, how it develops and clinically validates healthcare Value Propositions, exploring the right problem-solution fit, exploring business models and finding the right ‘go to market’ strategy. During a session, students interacted with the Mr. Almeida who was in charge of the testing of CT scanners. The X-ray machines used in health care for visualising bone structures, during surgeries were also explained and the demo for the machines were also shown to all students.


Next the students visited Citrix software Centre, the presentation was given by the Director. In a short but effective manner, he provided an insight of the company. Citrix is a company which was founded in 1989 and has its headquarters in Florida. Citrix is a company which deals with visualization, virtual apps, analytics and networking. Following the Director, two of their employees namely Ms Pavani and Ms Disha who are alumni of PCCE spoke to the students and shared their experience of working in the company. Since they were considerably on the younger side, students were able to relate to whatever they spoke. It was a very interactive session and students were encouraged to ask questions. Goodies were given to many students who actively participated. The entire presentation was very well handled and was very informative. On the request of the students, the salary package for their company placements which is scheduled for March end was shared. Students were also taken around the floor and shown different sections of the working operations. The students actually got an insight of the company and the place they would be working at if they were to get placed in the company before the actual placement drive.

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