Society of the missionaries of St.Francis Xavier, Pilar, Goa, Agnel Region

Padre Conceição College Of Engineering

Managed by Agnel Charities, Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to Goa University

the director

Fr. Anthony Castello

Fr. Anthony Castello


Recently Mr. Homayun Taba writing in the columns of “The Times of India” made a distinction between truth and fact giving the allegory of the the blind men and the elephant, where each having touched one part of the animal could perceive only a part of the reality. Mr. Homayun Taba expresses to us the struggle we all go through in life, understanding truth and reality. For example, what came first, the egg or the hen? While an egg from a hen and a hen from an egg are both facts which one is true? 

Padre Conceicao College of Engineering (PCCE), a premier educational institution encourages students to go beyond the mere stating of facts. The staff faculty have taken up the challenge to enthuse students in learning through discovery and experience. Therefore learning at PCC is not just sitting in a classroom, but group discussions, training programs, practical projects and innovation. 

“Time and tide waits for no one” is both factual and true. Dear students you have a short time as you pass through the portals of this esteemed institution. Make the best of every minute you spend here. It is our endeavour to give you the best of faculty, fully furnished labs, updated machines and software and required tools to make your learning experience a memorable one. 

God our creator, has still left for you many more facts to be stated and many truths to be discovered. In-fact that is what engineers do: discover, re-state and innovate. For example, how the honey bee does makes the hexagon in the honey comb, is still a topic of discussion, discovery and learning. 

With their limited resources, Thomas Edison invented the electric bulb while Guglielmo Marconi the wireless. Engineers through the century discovered, re-stated and innovated and today we have varied lighting solutions and advanced radio communications. 

Every engineering student entering PCCE should endeavour to state the facts, discover the truth and invent the future. Happy learning.

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