Society of the missionaries of St.Francis Xavier, Pilar, Goa, Agnel Region

Padre Conceição College Of Engineering

Managed by Agnel Charities, Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to Goa University

department of information technology

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  • To impart Quality Education and to grow into a Center of Excellence in the field of Information Technology.

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  • To deliver quality technical education that fosters research and innovation.
  • To establish strong industry academia collaboration and boost entrepreneurship.
  • To provide a vibrant environment with high standards of professional ethics.

teaching staff


Ms. Sufola Das Chagas Silva e Araujo

Assistant Professor,I/C Head Information Technology Department
Qualification: PHD: pursuing, Computer Vision,VTU ME: Internet technology-Goa University BE: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering-Goa University
Experience: Industry: 1 year ,Teaching: 17 years
Areas of Interest: Advances in Digital Image Processing ,Computer Cryptography and Network Security,Computer Networks, Data Compresion

Dr. (Fr.) Patrick Viegas

Professor (Visiting)
Qualification: (Ph.D.(Computer Science)
Areas of Interest: Human-Computer Interaction,Real-Time Systems,Decision Making

Mr. Ameya Wadekar

Assistant Professor
Qualification: ME: Microelectronics - Goa University BE: Electronics & Telecommunication - Goa University
Experience: Industry: NIL year ,Teaching: 16 years
Areas of Interest:Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Music Signal Processing, Image Processing, VLSI Design

Mrs Megha Vishant Ainapurkar

Assistant Professor
Qualification: ME:(Information and Internet Technology) BE: (Computer Engineering)
Experience: Industry: NIL ,Teaching: 15 years
Areas of Interest:Automata Language and Computation, Artificial Intelligence , Cloud Commutating and IOT, Distributed Data Mining

Mrs. Razia de Loyola Furtado e Sardinha

Assistant Professor
Qualification: PHD: (Pursuing) Computer Vision – Computer Science & Technology, Goa University ME: Information Technology, BE: CSE, V.T.U.
Experience: Industry:NIL ,Teaching: 15 years
Areas of Interest:Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Database Management, Advanced Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming

Mr. Shaba Dessai

Assistant Professor
Qualification: PHD: Data Mining - NIT Goa – (Currently Pursuing) PGDBM: Goa Institute of Management ME: Informatics/Computer Science - The University of Edinburgh BE: Computer Science and Engineering - Shivaji University
Experience: Industry: 7 year 6 months ,Teaching: 8 years 2 months
Areas of Interest:Big Data,Data Mining,Block Chain

Mrs. Malony Alphonso

Assistant Professor
Qualification: ME-IT (Goa University), BE-IT (Goa University).
Experience: Industry: 4 years ,Teaching: 6 years 8 months
Areas of Interest:Web Technologies, Mobile Computing, Object Oriented Programming Systems, Data Mining

Ms.Sonia Fernandes

Assistant Professor
Qualification: ME: Information Technology ,Goa university BE: Information Technology ,Goa University
Experience: Industry:NIL,Teaching: 9 years
Areas of Interest:Information retrieval, Image Processing, Compilers, Programming, Artificial Intelligence

Ms. Okstynn Rodrigues

Assistant Professor
Qualification: ME: Computer Technology and Application - delhi University BE: Information Technology - Goa University
Experience: Industry: 1 year 2 months,Teaching: 9 years 7 months
Areas of Interest:Big Data, IOT, Data Mining, Data warehousing,Bioinformatics

Mr. Siddesh Savant

Assistant Professor
Qualification: ME: IT - Goa University. BE: Computer Science and Engineering – VTU.
Experience: Industry: 2 years 6 months ,Teaching: 4 years 5 months
Areas of Interest:Computer Organization,Microprocessor,Computer Networks,Web Development,Programming

Mrs. Ravina Nimmi Rodrigues e Quadros

Assistant Professor
Qualification: ME: Information Technology - Goa University BE: Computer Engineering - Goa University
Experience: Industry: 1 year ,Teaching: 8 years
Areas of Interest:Information Extraction, Machine Learning, Cryptography, Analysis of Algorithms and Programming Languages

Mr. Derrick Savio Jude Nazareth

Assistant Professor(On Contract)
Qualification: ME: Information Technology - Goa University BE: Information Technology - Goa University
Experience: Industry: NIL ,Teaching: 5 years
Areas of Interest: Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Object Oriented Programming, Database Management Systems, Signals and Systems

Ms. Risha Ranganath Dhargalkar

Assistant Professor(On Contract)
Qualification: ME: Information Technology - Goa University BE: Information Technology - Goa University
Experience: Industry: 6 months ,Teaching: 9 years 6 months
Areas of Interest:Data Structures, Operating Systems, Data and Information Retrieval, Web Development,Programming

Mr. Swapneel S Naik

Assistant Professor(On Contract)
Qualification: M.E (CSE) (Goa University),B.E (I.T) (Goa University)
Experience: Industry: 2 years 5 months,Teaching: 6 years 2 months
Areas of Interest:Computer Networks, Data structures, Computer Organisation, Mobile Adhoc Networks.

Mrs. Aarti Bandodker

Assistant Professor(On Contract)
Qualification: M.E. Information Technology, Goa University, B.E. Computer Engineering, Goa University
Experience: Industry: 4 years 9 Months ,Teaching: 3 years 3 months.
Areas of Interest:Natural Language Processing, Data Mining and Warehousing, C & C++ Programming, Bioinformatics

Ms.Mithila Metri

Assistant Professor(On Contract)
Qualification: E: IT - Goa University BE: IT – Goa University
Experience: Industry: NIL ,Teaching: 10 years
Areas of Interest:Database Management System, Data Structures, Computer Graphics, Microprocessors, Embedded System

Technical Staff


Mr. Raul Braganza

Senior Technical Assistant
Dip. in Computer Engg(BTE_Goa), Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA)(IGNOU-New Delhi)

Mr. Geraldo Almeida

Lab Assistant(On Contract)
MCA (Bangalore University)

Mr.Joshua Pires

Lab Assistant(On Contract)
Diploma in Computer Engineering

Mr. Saiel naik

Lab Assistant(On Contract)
12th Commerce,2years ICTSM course
129.shubert – Copy

Mr. Schubert Fernandes

Lab Assistant(On Contract)
Diploma in Computer Engineering(Goa Technical Board)
118.quildron – Copy


Lab Assistant(Contract)
XIIth Vocational -A.E.T.(GOA BOARD),Diploma in IT(N.C.V.T. BOARD)
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